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Maple Bacon Pizza

As I scanned the menu in a cozy New England restaurant, it didn’t take long to make my decision when my eyes landed on Maple Bacon Pizza. This white pizza was made with a garlic and olive oil sauce, thinly sliced apples, a generous amount of fresh mozzarella and then topped with sweet caramelized onions, […]


Cheesy Baked Potatoes

When grilling season rolls around, one of my favorite recipes is cheesy potatoes sliced and grilled in tin foil. However, since I often don’t have enough space to grill the potatoes along with everything else I want to grill, I came up with a new way to enjoy cheesy potatoes: baking them in the oven.  […]


Cheesy Pull-Apart Garlic Bread

April is one of those months when you desperately want to exchange winter clothes and comfort foods for lighter options, but some days remain too chilly for that to be a reality. I recently made this recipe for cheesy, pull-apart cheddar garlic bread which would pair well with either a hearty soup or a lighter […]

The Best Breakfast Sandwich Starts with the Best Cheese!

Breakfast sandwiches are perfect for any meal of the day. I’ll gladly have one for breakfast, lunch or dinner. They are so easy to make, especially if you pre-cook the bacon and keep it on hand. Plus, using Conebella Farm Cheese such as the rich and creamy Colby cheese takes this sandwich to the next […]


Thick Crust Pizza with Fresh Mozzarella

Since I have family coming in for the holidays, I’m looking for easy recipes to make while they are here. Normally I wouldn’t consider homemade pizza to be “easy,” but this recipe is pretty easy! The dough should be started either the morning or night before you need it. Since it’s thick crust pizza, you […]


Make a Fresh Mozzarella Board

After months of eating mediocre produce, I always look forward to eating fresh, homegrown tomatoes, greens and herbs. They pair so well with locally made cheeses like the ones available from Conebella Farm. Fresh Mozzarella and Cheese Curds are simple and versatile cheeses, perfect to have with fresh produce, good bread and dipping oil.   […]


Have a “Raclette” Party with Our Cheese!

In the alps, melted cheese takes center stage on many dishes: fondue, several variations on gratin potatoes and my personal favorite: raclette. The literal translation of “raclette” comes from the French verb meaning “to scrape.” In a restaurant, half of a wheel of cheese will be melted and then scraped onto baked potatoes, similar to […]


Crunchy Kale Salad with Garlic & Chive Cheddar

A few weeks ago I decided to make plans to eat at least one large serving of salad every day, no matter what. I know I need to eat more vegetables, but unless I actually make a plan, I’m likely to fall into old habits of eating food that’s a little easier to prepare. Kale […]


Creamy Garlic Pasta with Roasted Tomatoes

Garlic. Salt. Pepper. Olive oil. Herbs. Tomatoes. Cheese. Every time I cook Italian food, I wonder why I ever eat anything else. This simple combination of ingredients is so delicious, affordable and easy. From pizzas to pasta, bread, salad or meat, this combination is incredible in so many recipes. We paired these ingredients with our […]


Easy Tortilla Soup with Shredded Sharp Cheddar

It’s soup season! Tortilla Soup or Mexican Chili is the perfect thing for these cold, rainy fall evenings, especially topped with Conebella Farm Sharp Cheddar. This recipe is so quick to make and so delicious! I love to make it for company since it’s easy to put together ahead of time. It’s also great for […]