Cranberry Cheddar Sandwiches

In our house, we look forward to the turkey sandwiches that come the day after Thanksgiving almost as much as the Thanksgiving feast itself. For many years, we’d go to my in-laws house the day after Thanksgiving to enjoy turkey sandwiches and then we’d go and search for the perfect Christmas tree. My husband and I love to get our tree early to make the most of the holiday season!

When it comes to building the sandwiches, all the Thanksgiving sides are fair game. Personally, I like to go with slices of good bread, cheddar cheese, cranberry sauce and turkey. Other family members like to add stuffing and gravy as well. Conebella Farm cheese spreads make a lovely addition to these turkey sandwiches, too. 

This time of year, you’ll find turkey, cheddar and cranberry sandwiches on the menu at many restaurants and deli’s in the area, and for good reason! Cheddar and cranberry are an amazing combination for Thanksgiving and Christmas recipe ideas. 

So when Thanksgiving rolls around, be sure to have some of our cheddar cheese on hand (especially varieties like smoked cheddar) to build your perfect sandwich! 

You can serve it hot or cold. I love having it on freshly baked sourdough bread. Stock up on our cheese next time you visit our farm store or when you come to a farmers’ market!