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Conebella Farm, an award-winning 100% Ayrshire dairy farm, is located in beautiful Chester County, Pennsylvania. Since 1923, five generations of Gables have called the farm home, including the current owners, Don and Pam Gable and their three sons, Josh, Tyler and Kevin. The 198-acre farm grows all of the forages for the 105 milking cows and 100 head of young stock.

Conebella Farm Cheese is made from all natural ingredients with the milk from our own cows, which is both antibiotic-free and hormone free. Our experienced cheese makers create fresh mozzarella, cheese curds, a variety of Cheddar and Colby based cheeses (including Garlic & Chive, Jalapeno and Italian) and a line of preservative-free cheese spreads. Taste the difference in this creamy, buttery cheese made from pure Ayrshire milk.

Find our cheese at many area farm markets, or stop by our farm from sunrise to sunset 6 days a week. Browse our cheeses & spreads online.

Build a Holiday Cheese Plate

A cheese plate is just about the simplest yet most elegant appetizer you can bring to a gathering this holiday season.  Whether it's for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's or anything in between, a cheese plate is a delicious and easy option. I recently made a cheese plate for my sister-in-law's baby shower using Conebella Farm's Italian Cheddar and Garden Garlic Spread, paired with roasted red peppers and crackers. Any of […]

Pepper, Onion and Cheddar Omelette

Whenever my family goes to Shady Maple for breakfast, many of us stand in the long line to order omelettes. Yes, we're eager to enjoy the taste and texture of a chef-made omelette. Part of the appeal, though, must also be the chance to watch experts at work, cracking eggs without a trace of shell clinging to the egg white, beating the eggs with not a single wasted motion, flipping […]

Apple Cheddar Buttermilk Biscuits

I always forget about biscuits, thinking that if I want to serve a bread side it has to be, well, a loaf of bread, or cornbread, or at least some yeast rolls. How can I forget about a recipe so quick and easy? Once I make biscuits, I remember how good they are. I eat three and crave a fourth. That's especially the case when they're cheddar biscuits. And wow […]