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Smoked Colby with Sugar Plum Chutney

It’s been a strange, difficult harvest for local farmers this year. A sudden April freeze punctuated an otherwise mild winter and knocked out many local cherries and apricots. But plums survived. And after pairing this Sugar Plum Chutney with Conebella’s Smoked Colby, I sure am glad. It had been a while since I’d tasted Conebella Farm Smoked […]


Strawberry-Vidalia Grilled Turkey & Cheese for Summer

With some recipes, you take one look at the words on the page and know you’re in for a treat. Anything with cheddar and bacon: bound to be delicious. Or tomatoes and basil. Or caramelized onions and ham. And the more you experiment, the more you get to know the combinations that always succeed. But a […]


Loaded Scones with Cheddar, Bacon and Herbs

Bacon-cheddar scones and biscuits have been making the rounds on Pinterest lately. And while Pinterest often captures the passing flavors we’re currently obsessing over, I predict that bacon-cheddar scones and biscuits will become a staple of contemporary kitchens. Because here’s the thing. Not only do they taste devastating, they ask for only a very small time […]


Lasagna… Without a Big Trip to the Grocery Store

It’s mid-afternoon and if you’re anything like me, you haven’t given a thought to dinner yet. But with a well-stocked pantry, you figure there are any number of things you can make with ingredients on hand. Except for one dinnertime favorite: lasagna. Who keeps copious amounts of ricotta cheese on hand? It goes bad so […]

Sample Photo - Cheese Boards

Create an Enticing Holiday Cheese Board

What is it that really satisfies us after feasting on a good meal or devouring elegant party food? In An Everlasting Meal, chef and food writer Tamar Adler writes that scientists have found that it’s not just the starches and proteins doing their work of nourishing us. “We feel sated when our senses have been […]

Hidden River

A Brand New Brewpub Features Conebella Farm Cheese

A year ago, Doug Reeser was thinking of moving across the country. He was wrapping up a doctorate in Anthropology, and he knew that securing a teaching job would probably require a move away from southeastern Pennsylvania. Instead, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity came his way, and he decided to stay local. With his brother-in-law, who shared his […]


Chilled Blueberry-Cheese Tarts in Muffin Tins

On the calendar, August looked so unassuming. But now that it is here, it’s beginning to fill me with panic as it tells me that summer will be over in a matter of weeks. It’s been a busy month, and yet it’s a month when there’s so much sweet in-season fruit I want to make the most of. […]

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Double Cheddar Sliders for Father’s Day

Forget Google.  Throughout any given day, I’ll often think to myself, “I should ask Dad that.  Dad would know.”  While he has never made a project of reading through an encyclopedia, like one of his good friends did, he has picked up a nearly encyclopedic knowledge of how things work in the natural world and […]


Ham and Cheddar Crepes for Mother’s Day

When I picture spending Mother’s Day with my family, I imagine breakfast scenes: conversations, stories and puns as we fill up mug after mug of coffee or tea and hope that soon we’ll have room for another serving. If I’m home for a special occasion, like Christmas or Thanksgiving or any time the whole family comes […]


Three-Cheese Enchiladas with Conebella Farm Cheddar Spreads & Colby

I firmly believe that if you have cheese and tortillas in the fridge, you can build yourself an amazing meal from there.  You are creative, you are adventurous, and above all, you believe in the power of cheese to transform the run-of-the-mill contents of your fridge into a meal that you’ve devoured in seconds, yet are still craving. […]