We Have the Country’s Top Ayrshire Cow!

Exciting things are happening at our farm, and we’re delighted to share our news with you!  We just found out that one of our cows, Conebella Percy’s Tiva, ranked #1 out of all Ayrshires on the Cow Performance Index list the Ayrshire Breeders’ Association releases at the end of each year.  This is our first #1 cow, so we are excited!


What makes a first-rate Ayrshire cow?  The breeders’ association looks at six qualities that measure how well the cow milks, the quality of the milk produced, and the cow’s fertility.

Only 125 of the nation’s Ayrshire cows make the list, and right now, Conebella Farm has 12 on the list, including the #4 cow, Conebella Passion’s Starry.  Conebella Diligent’s Calathea is the #25 cow, which means we now have three of the top 25 cows!