Rediscover Classic Recipes with Conebella Cheese

It’s interesting how living in different countries or even different states can really open your eyes to the simple things in life that you enjoy. Something I discovered about myself when I was recently living abroad was the fact that I love cheese. I knew that I incorporated different cheese and dairy products into my regular cooking, but I didn’t realize how much I would miss it until my searching left me empty handed.

In Lancaster and Berks County we are spoiled with the availability of fresh produce, organic products, and farm fresh dairy products. Conebella Farm Cheese is made from all natural ingredients with the milk from their own cows, which is both antibiotic-free and rBST free. There are so many different ways to use cheese in your daily cooking! Think about the simple ways you use cheese in your kitchen: grilled cheese, mac and cheese, cheese and crackers, or shredded on top of salads. If we use cheese that often and feed it to our families, isn’t it important to know where it comes from and what is used to produce it? Thankfully with Conebella’s you know exactly that; take a look around the website to learn more about their cheese.

I was looking at the comprehensive list of all the different types of cheeses that Conebella’s offers and began to get many different creative ideas of how to make simple recipes extraordinary by using the varieties they offer. Imagine turning your kids’ favorite mac and cheese dinner into a grown up meal by making it with Italian Cheddar. Have you ever hosted a party and served locally grown tomatoes topped with mozzarella, olive oil, and a dash of oregano? You could also use this great summer appetizer with their Garlic and Dill Cheddar Cheese and save yourself some time with the presentation. Add some variety to your salads this summer by shredding unique flavors like the Smoked Jalapeno Cheddar on top. Turn your cheese and cracker appetizers into a fancy affair with lots of options or create a cheese fondue your guests won’t forget. There are plenty of classic recipes to rediscover with Conebella Cheese!